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  • No Setup Costs/Easy To Setup

    We understand the pain of setting up expensive servers and complex IT infrastructure. All of this causes a lot of time and money but you don’t have to go through it. With BMS, we have got all of this covered for you. All you need is an internet connection and a browser and you are ready to start taking orders!

  • Say No to IT Related Issues

    You heard it right! There will be no IT infrastructure on your premise so stop worrying about IT maintenance contracts, upgrades and scalability investments. BMS is fully hosted and managed by us which means the application resides on our servers in the cloud. We will take care of everything from updates to maintenance to ensuring you get 100% uptime.

  • Tailor Made For Your Business Needs

    Unlike other traditional and cloud based POS systems forcing you to adapt to what is available, BMS works the way you want. Be it a Fine Dine Restaurant or a Fast Food Chain; A neighborhood Spa or an upscale Salon; A Laundry business or an Automobile garage. BMS customizes itself to work as per ‘Your’ requirements.

  • Adding Branches Was Never So Easy

    Click and Done! That’s how easy it is to add another branch for your business. BMS is designed from single branch operations to chain of outlets. Control your business centrally and monitor everything from a single interface. Managing business was never so convenient!

  • Designed For All Kind Of Devices – All You Need Is A Web Browser

    BMS runs on desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. No compatibility issues and absolutely No need for proprietary hardware. Since BMS works on internet, it is compatible with any device that has a web browser. A waiter can take orders on its desktop, while the rider delivers using his phone; a technician updates using his tablet while the manger monitors everything on his laptop. BMS connects them all!

  • Business Insights – A Feature Business Managers Love!

    Business Insights is one feature we really brag about! Monitor your business like you always wanted to! BMS is enriched with reports giving you real business insights. We will tell you what is working and what needs improvement. Which staff needs a pat and who needs more training. Which customer is frequent and who needs a reminder. We just don’t believe in giving you off the shelf sales report!

  • Takes Care Of All Back Office Operations – Lets You Focus On Your Core Strength

    We understand the challenge of every business owner; control costs, improve service, keep water tight controls and increase efficiency. All of this leads to customer satisfaction and therefore increased profitability. BMS was designed keeping ‘You’ in mind. Business Management Solution is not just software; it’s a team of experts managing your business the way you always wanted to!

  • Great Value For Money

    Most of the solution providers often focus only on larger businesses rather than small companies. As a result, many of their solutions are either unaffordable or loaded with features smaller enterprises don't need. BMS strikes a perfect balance between the features your business needs the most and the price you can afford. We deliver all of this and more on a simple, cost-effective subscription model so you pay monthly as you use it!

Designed for all kind of devices.

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We provide a customised approach to IT solutions and support services that ensures rapid response and quick resolution from user-level issues to network and infrastructure level problems.

  • Powerful POS Engine

    At the core of BMS is its Point of Sale (POS). Intuitive design, powerful engine and the ability to adapt to your business needs makes our Point of Sale, your Point of Satisfaction.

    Our POS is built to ensure high usability and our easy-to-use interface will turn your crazy peak hours into happy hours. .

  • Home Delivery Management

    Ever-rising customers’ expectations are redefining home delivery concept. Customers require home delivery because it’s convenient. BMS provides you the same convenience to stay on top of your entire home delivery order cycle. From the minute the order is placed, to when it gets prepared, picked up and delivered at your customer’s doorstep, we let you monitor it Live!

  • Call Center Ready

    There is nothing better than recognizing your customers by their first name. The old fashioned “Hello” or “Thank You for calling…” is not enough to make your customers feel special. Our Computer Telephony Integrated (CTI) Call Center module gives you everything you need to manage phone orders — an updated customer database with their order history and preferences.
    Take call orders effortlessly at every outlet or have a central call center and take orders for all your branches. Orders are directly sent to respective kitchen printers.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage inventory like never before! BMS inventory module takes an out-of-the-box approach to manage your consumption. You just need to use POS and everything else is updated real-time.

    With BMS’s user-friendly and intuitive design inventory module, stock taking is a charm

  • Loyalty Program Management

    Customer loyalty is THE reason why we developed BMS. We believe in building Relationships because only that allows us to create more customers.

    At Flug, we are proud of never losing a customer! With BMS, we want you to say the same!

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Every business is in business just to do two things; create and retain a customer. BMS’s smart CRM helps you achieve both.

    In the world on Information Technology, it is just not the Technology we rely on, it is the Information our CRM provides which helps you differentiate from your competition and make better informed decisions

  • HR Management

    We understand the pain especially for the small businesses to manage Human Resource. BMS HRMS module is tailor-made for you to address most of your common pain points. From attendance management to gratuity calculation to performance appraisals – we have covered it all – intentionally avoiding the complexities of any standard off-the-shelf HRMS application

  • SMS/Email Notifications

    They say the secret to improve customer satisfaction is to improve your communication with them; Keep them informed, always. BMS’s SMS module allows you to keep your customers notified at every step of your delivery proactively. You can also use this SMS feature to design a promotion and send out targeted SMS messages to your customers based on their last visit, geography, preferences or any other customizable criteria.







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Meet our team

Flug is headed by an executive team whose primary goal is to lead our company to the forefront of IT industry. With diverse backgrounds, each team member contributes to the collective experience that will push Flug towards excellence.

  • Zeeshan Saeed

    Vice President
  • Atif Pasha

    Head of Sales
  • Najam Ali

    Business Development Manager
  • Nouman Ali

    Sr. Developer
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Phone Number: (+971) 44 277480

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